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Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Gathering Clouds

In December of 1992, this advertisement ran in the magazine American Heritage. On the right is a picture of Dr. George Roche, President of Hillsdale College, an important man in the Republican hierarchy. I have written a good deal about Dr. Roche, an ardent supporter of the conservative philosophy of Ayn Rand.
...But government bureaucracy is growing, not shrinking. And it threatens to control our lives if we don't do something about it. We have allowed the "public sector" to grow in power and influence because we haven't defended the rights of the "private sector." We have forgotten that we are the private sector.
These were the truths of the conservative philosophy of Dr. George Roche, President of Hillsdale College.

About this time he was half way into a 15 year affair with his daughter-in-law, which ended before the end of the century when she shot and killed herself in the well-known Gazebo on campus.

They may have forgotten important things, but the "deeper truths" of politics were the important ones to them. These people had forgotten how to be human, a failing that had occurred numerous times in the 20th century. One would think that academics on a college campus would have been aware of the dangers of forgetting how to be human, the dangers of letting one's so-called philosophy blow up one's idea of self-importance to terrible proportions no longer amenable to traditional morality. The entire century was filled with such disasters.

They remained unaware until everything blew up in their faces, and their lives were destroyed.
May God preserve us all from similar folly.

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