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Monday, November 12, 2012

St. Martin's Day

 Martin Dividing His Cloak

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Martinmas feast yesterday, November 11 - St. Martin's Day.

From Barnaby Googe, we read:

To belly cheer, yet once again,
    Does Martin more incline,
Whom all the people worship
    With roasted geese and wine. 

St. Martin was the guy who, while he was serving in the army on a cold day, confronted by a dirty and destitute - not to mention freezing - beggar, took his sword and cut his cloak into two pieces, and gave one piece to the beggar.

A real Santa Claus wannabe, as Rush Limbaugh would say.

We should make an effort to have more feasts. Turn off the radio and the sources of discord, and share the bounty of God.

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