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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Private Sector as Canonized by Romney, and as It Really Is

The Republican Party emphasizes the sanctity of one institution more than any thing else. It is not the sanctity of marriage, rather it is the sanctity of Private Enterprise. They believe it should be canonized, since it does work miracles. Sometimes it does; sometimes it wreaks havoc.

Along with Private Enterprise, they concurrently idolize the return of various governmental responsibilities to the states. We have already written on Mr. Romney's ill-considered statement that the work of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) be returned to the control of the states. We pointed out that states would not be able to fund disaster relief on the scale of hurricane Sandy, and that is the end of such a proposal. Many people think the military should be actively involve in disaster relief, and it is because of the extremely large destruction and the need for trained individuals in large numbers to deal with it on short notice that they think of the military.
No state will be able to finance such a disaster relief effort. FEMA itself has run out of coverage for flood insurance:
...The National Flood Insurance Program, a FEMA subsidiary, has $2.9 billion in borrowing capacity but expects Sandy-related losses of $6 billion to $12 billion, Edward Connor, FEMA's deputy associate administrator for federal insurance, told a meeting of the Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance...
Now let us consider the long term after-effects of the legalization of Marijuana in Washington and Colorado.

Would you like to see Marijuana manufacture and distribution be under the control of the Private Sector? Think about it. The control of Marijuana returned to the same people that gave us "nicotine delivery" systems?

Think of the futures contract on how long it would be before corruption and greed cause the whole project to be driven into catastrophe.


Tom Schott said...

Well, sir, I think pot will be largely mom and pop and small entrepreneurial operations before Big Bacco gets involved . . . or maybe Big Pharma. But let us face it, that's what any profit-making venture is going to become in a capitalistic system. I can't see the government producing this product. Can you?

Montag said...

I don't know. Maybe there's something we have not tried.

What about a non-profit?
Now that I've mentioned it, it sounds like a science fiction plot: an Order of St Leibowitz which raises pot.