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Monday, November 12, 2012

Real Housewives of Vulcan

I was cringing under the onslaughts of The Real Housewives of Atlanta last night, and I was paying attention to what was being said. For most of the viewers, that is a big mistake, I know. Everyone is waiting for a cat fight to break out, but I was listening to what they were saying.
(My favorite show is that assemblage of domestic goodwifery  that has the Aged Parent, who had been critically - but not mortally - injured in a plastic surgeon drive-by and hit-and-run. I have no idea which coast they inhabit.)

I have determined that fully 5% of the dialogue consists of logical tautologies.

Example, last night one of the goodwives
had drawn aside towards the stage curtains, a lot like Hamlet launching into a soliloquy, and began to ponder her mortality... specifically her biological clock.

"The eggs that are there, are the eggs that are there...", she said finally.

A=A and, as Euclid would say, quod erat demonstrandum... Q.E.D.

Even I could write that. Since we are talking Logic stuff, it could be a Real Housewives of Vulcan.

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