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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tea Party Mixed Metaphors

Archconservatives: anger, denial but no acceptance of Obama's victory
By Tom Cohen, CNN

In a response to Phillips' post, one writer ranted about what he alleged were "the sexual perversions and drug use of the Obamas," the president's "forged birth certificate" and "voter fraud of biblical proportions."
"Why are we talking secession instead of removing the New York Times and supporting citizens' Grand Jury indicments against this unbelievable treason, felonies and usurpations raining down on us on a daily basis?" said the post attributed to Royce Latham of Penngrove, California.
The expression "of biblical proportions" does not in itself mean "great, much, a good deal, a largish amount".
Indeed, if we are meditating upon the story of the widow's mite, it may mean "small, miniscule, petty".

When we speak of rain, storms, and floods, we may say "of biblical propotions", because we are comparing a rain storm to the Deluge of Genesis. If we speak of hardships, we may similarly be making a comparison to Job; if we speak of droughts and plagues, we may have Egypt under Pharoah in mind; speaking of harvests, we may be thinking of Joseph's interpretation of Pharoah's dream, and the meaning may be positive - for seven fat years - or it may be negative - for seven lean years.

Some sins are considered of biblical proportions, but some sins in the Bible were themselves not actually "of biblical proportions".

Voter fraud cannot be "of biblical proportions"... unless the writer is referring to the free elections held by the Israelites when the Golden Calf ran against Jehovah. If I remember correctly, the pro-Golden Calf forces were "shell-shocked" when they found out they had lost.

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