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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Election and The Tea Party and its Inglorious Inactivity

My wife woke me up to whisper that Mr. Obama had won.

Sleepily, I said "Thank God."

I sort of liked Mr. Romney, but I did not trust Mr. Ryan, nor did I have any confidence in the Tea Party element. I fully expect a number of the Tea Party Gangstas to treat the coming "fiscal cliff" with the same toxic, pernicious, and destructive indifference as they showed back in 2011 with the budget deal in July and August.
Michelle Bachmann uttered the opinion that the government defaulting on its obligations and debts was no "biggie".

Their inability to come to grips with their responsibilities caused the Dow to plummet 500 points the day after their inglorious inaction.


Tom Schott said...

I never liked Mr. Romney. I never liked that smug little weasel running mate of his either. Not even a little bit. The former is gone; the latter we must endure, I fear, for years to come.

Montag said...

Hi, Paul Ryan! Repealed ObamaCare yet?