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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Romney's Problem

 Janet Leigh and Charlton Heston in Touch Of Evil

Romney's core problem was best illustrated by the memorable moment of the 2012 Republican primary campaign, wherein Mr. Romney appeared on a forum on the Spanish language station Univision wearing too much Man-Tan (an old-timey product like a bronzing spray), and looking like an old-timey Marlon Brando in a bad make-up day during the filming of Viva Zapata!

Really... what was in their minds when they did that?

I can just see them plotting it, carrying it out, sliding the tanning dye on gently..., then discovering to their horror how bad it was! And it would not come off! So they tried to scrub it off, and producers kept popping into the dressing room, telling them that there were 15, 10, then 5 minutes until show time!
So they had to drag Senor Romney from la sala verde looking now like Charlton Heston in Touch Of Evil.


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