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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Stock Market Does Not Vote 2

One of the few crumbs - a last remaining Bubble of Delusion - available to the Conservative Propaganda Media effort to "imagine" reality instead of reporting on it has gone the way of all such hallucinations: the stock market has jumped up recently.

So the widely reported "illusion" that Wall Street was voting on Mr. Obama is either (1) false, or (2) indicates that Wall Street is now on board with Mr. Obama.
I may safely assume that option (2) will not be widely reported by Conservative propaganda machines.

In reading:

What Does Wall Street Know That Washington Insiders Fail To See?

it occurs to me that the secret Wall Street is aware of is that IF the cretins in D.C. cannot agree and we fall off the so-called fiscal cliff, there will be recall campaigns and marches on Washington and an impetus towards entirely new political parties such as rarely seen in our history.

Really.... if the "leaders" are fully cognizant of danger, yet let the nation receive serious injury, tell me what is the purpose of the political ideologies which are governing?

I defy anyone to explain the value of the politics of this combination of wretched excess and shameful insufficiency.

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