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Monday, July 01, 2013


I have been reading about Japan's boom of the 1980's and its bust thereafter.
Back in the 80's, everyone wanted their kids to learn Japanese language and Japanese culture. Nowadays, no one learns Japanese any more, and it is Chinese that has taken over the elementary schools.

And of course there is talk of "Tiger Moms" and how the Chinese raise their children (apparently under the illusion that everyone in China raises their children the exact same way), and no one particularly cares how the Japanese moms are holding up.

Well, I sincerely hope that China avoids the bust of their myriad bubbles, such as made Japan moribund and almost destroyed us... would have destroyed us, if the taxpayers had not freely gifted trillions to well deserving banks.

So, I hope all goes well. Clear up the Tibet thing, and also that Xinjiang matter, share the island beaches with Japan and everyone will be happy.
Whatever happens, do not get into those situations we know so well where after a time of woes, you find you have to start trying to "win the hearts and minds" of peoples. Learn from the mistakes of others.


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