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Monday, July 01, 2013


She-who-must-be-obeyed received some sample macaroons for a shower she is organizing for late summer. I was called upon to taste test.

I hate being negative when it comes to cookies.

I said, "Mmm. Nice...

She looked at me. "Nice...?"

" Well,... you could trust me to guard those- say in a vault at Cyberdyne Systems... right next to the Terminator hand thingie - and not worry about losing any. There'd be as many in the morning as there were when you locked up at night."

She pondered, then took a bite. "That bad, eh?"

"Not bad. Middling. Mediocre. Remembrance of Things Lost would never have been written with those."

She was thoughtful. "Those were madeleines...", leaving me to wonder what Proust may have written had he chowed down on macaroons instead.

I could not be trusted with Dare Lemon cookies or with Oreo chocolate filled cookies. I have been known to inhale six or more at a time.


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