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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


 L. Ron Hubbard

Scientology is a frame of mind that seems - oddly enough - to fit in well with a society that has people who require raw firepower for their rights (A.E.van Vogt's The Weapon Shops Of Isher)  and has a government that is intent on creating History's first Surveillance State (George Orwell's 1984).

I mean, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and just about every other faith on the planet really seems out of place in the Future Dystopic we are boldly entering.

I mean, here's what the BBC says:
Scientology was founded in Los Angeles in the 1950s by a science fiction author, L Ron Hubbard.
He said human beings contained the souls of Thetans - immortal creatures responsible for making the Universe.
However, the world has been invaded by dark forces - the Engrams - and individuals can be cleansed and enlightened only through intense therapy called Dianetics.
It is a costly process and the Scientologists expect their adherents to donate considerable sums.
In the US, where Scientology has attracted a number of Hollywood celebrities, it enjoys the full rights of a recognised religion.
But in Europe, several governments - including the UK - have denied Scientology tax exemptions enjoyed by other churches.
This is truthfully the stuff for the future of Constant Warfare in a Weaponized Society in a Surveillance State ruled by the CIA and the NSA - who, by the way, hate each other, and do not communicate with each other... such communication being the reason the Surveillance State was founded after 9/11.

The fact that the Surveillance State is founded on this contradiction of CIA versus NSA makes Scientology the Faith du jour of the Future!


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