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Friday, July 19, 2013

The Grand Theory Of Everything

 No Man Begins To Be A Man, Until He Has Seen His Vision

All knowledge starts as a vision quest.

The visionary state is a state without codes: no language, no imaging, no music, no math.

When we recall the vision, when we try to tell others of the vision, we have to use codes; we use language to tell our story. The vision is timeless intuition.

The myth of the corn god telling the Americans to cut him down and grind his body...
that is a religious recall of a vision.
The powers of the Manioc root disclosed to people how to boil and beat the poison out. There was no scientific method of various trials of root-eating, where the early subjects were dropping like flies from the manioc poison.

It all came from the vision.

And in Science, from the dream of the benzene ring to Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, it all came from the vision quest, the recall and telling. Later came the experiments, but first the vision.

There are Scientific Revolutions exactly because the origins of knowledge are in Visions, and to overthrow the vision is felt to be blasphemous.
There are growth and declines of Religions because the Visions grow stale in the telling, and it is felt that the universe grows old unto death until a new Messiah with a new vision comes upon the scene.

All knowledge starts as a Vision Quest.
Once a man or woman has seen their vision, they are no longer in the world as good (or bad) animals with no higher purpose. The vision adds another level of meaning to their lives, and they begin to step out upon the electrons and atoms, to play with the angels: to fulfill the bonfire they were called to create.



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