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Friday, July 26, 2013

Why I Like President Obama

I like President Obama, and I would vote for him again and again. It was a thrill in 2008, and also in 2012, when the unbelievably skewed polls of the conservatives added an incredible thrill of theater of the absurd,  and a general feeling of disbelief in the degree of certain folks' self-deception...
(I mean, self-deception is a lot like the emperor's new clothes; no one wants to parade around in public at high noon with nothing on except one's self-deception!)

I love President Obama, and I am devastated that he is a prisoner of the Past, for there are many Lands of Promise which are to be seen.


Politicians are not Prophets.
Politicians rely upon the electorate to lead them to new goals and objectives. It is the yearning of the people which moves elected leaders.

Maybe we should rise up from our easy chairs upon Mount Nebo and talk a run down to our Promised Lands... show the politicians the way.


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