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Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Do Not Want To Say This...

The Sun Room of Dreams

I had a dream last night. I was in a large group of people in a large building. It seems that we had been taken hostage by a group of terrorists.
I suppose it was somewhat like the Vice Presidential palace in the novel Bel Canto. I could wander about a bit. I found a large group of women wearing white abayas in a spacious sun-room paved with stone. They were crying. I discovered my wife and daughter among them. They were to be executed along with all the other women and children... unless I could find weapons and a group to rescue them.

It was a very immediate pain. I woke up.

I will talk more about this later; there are dreams and dreams....
In 2003, before the invasion of Iraq, I meditated on the Holy and the World. I thought that my view of the Holy and the World would be decided by the issue that was tormenting us: Iraq and weapons of mass destruction, which weapons were the reason given for the impending invasion.

I fell asleep. When I woke up I immediately thought that there were absolutely no weapons of mass destruction to be found in Iraq. If this were indeed to be true, then I would accept that the Holy is present in and intertwines within the waking lives and dreams of mankind.

If it were false - and indeed it should have been false! Surely at least one paperclip from a document from a design from a weapon of mass destruction MUST exist somewhere in Saddam Hussein's country! Surely some small evidence must be there!......
If it were false, then God and Mankind were just like we like to think they are: separate; God is in heaven and mankind is on Earth....
If it were false, and we could manage to find one small detonator or centrifuge, then Karma is a concept, not a reality, and sins of the fathers are never visited upon the heads of sons, and visions are but hallucinations. Surely no one can talk to God!

But it was true.
And now I feel like Jonah avoiding the city lights and night clubs of Nineveh.

This dream of last night is a continuation... nothing has changed in our lives, has it? Afghanistan is yet aflame, Iraq is rife with violence and death, and our own lives are asteroids that rotate around a dead star.......
And we seek a new fire in Syria.....

This whole business makes me very uncomfortable, but I guess I can't ignore it anymore.

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