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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When I Stopped Paying Attention

I began to stop paying attention to the US Media back some time before 1984. I was sitting in a kitchen in Manhassett, New York, watching a TV documentary on John F. Kennedy.

The disclosures about JFK and Marilyn Monroe were, for that time very scandalous, and I was transfixed, wondering which news organization was doing this. I readily came to the conclusion that it could not have been a US news organization.

At the end, this was verified as the BBC logo was displayed.

I started reading La Presse of Montreal and a Lebanese paper, which in memory is As Sabaah, or The Morning Bugle Dispatch. And I never felt I could rely upon US news media too much after that.

Then there was the goose-stepping lock step of the country's march to Iraq, which the media was part of.

Now there is a infamous attack on Edward Snowden being orchestrated by the Washington Post, New York Times, and others. Morons never learn.


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