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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Education and Telepathy

Telepathic communication is Brain Babble.
Try it sometime. Imagine getting everyone else's half-baked thoughts bubbling over their cranial pie crusts at the same time as your own! Gadfrey Daniels!

Now, education...

If the people of a society do not learn to write, we have deprived them of a major refinery of thought.
People may still "mull" things over, and they may "image" the heck out of them, but until they force themselves to set the ideas down on paper and into a natural language, or into a mathematics, or a well formulated code of some sort, their ideas are condemned to remain elusive...

The ideas are as jejune as those of any telepathy.

If we are not educating properly, we are committing a felony of negligence against society.

If people cannot refine their thinking, they are condemned to remain childishly brutal.

In our time, we have had a diorama of extremely well educated people who are shallow, mean, and immoral, and who have abused the greatest inheritances of knowledge of thousands of years.
Without the education to properly express oneself, the progress of the future, which comes from the great impetus of ideas of the great numbers of people - the new generations who will see things differently! - will not be formulated and promulgated. The lawgivers of the future will all come from the same sediment of dreary sameness of an exhausted elite.

It will be old wine and old wine skins.


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