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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In Which We Scram......

Empire, Michigan

Off to Empire until the weekend...

Maybe first to Gaylord to The Sugar Bowl restaurant for a turkey thanksgiving-dinner-lunch-drumstick-athon - even though I am not a big eater during the day... only after the sun sets... or would have set, had we not this miserable Daylight Savings fiasco. Actually I usually just eat dinner or supper, and the hunger of the rest of the day is sufficient unto itself.
Then across Alba Rd to Alba on the Mackinaw Trail, then to Torch Lake, then down to Traverse City, then the final run to the freedom of the Setting Sun.... by that great Bear Paw of sand swatting the waters... Michigan's Maghrib  in Empire of the Dunes !

Looking North: The Dunes
(slightly resemble a bear's paw?)


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