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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Future Flash Crash Mystery Theater

I think the future flash crash will be something like this:  at this moment, internet security cannot keep up with the technology; this guarantees there will always be enormous gaps in security. Nobody is going to tell the paying customer that they have to slow down their acquisition of tech, especially in areas, such as finance, where new and faster tech is big money.

It will be tech judo, wherein the attacker uses the defender's own security systems to bring down the defender: counter-attacks will only serve to make the defender's situation worse.

The Future Flash Crash will be an Ironic Vicious Circle: the only way to save one's system is to let down one's defenses.

Turn the other electronic cheek...

But that will never happen. It is a mind-set which is totally alien to us. Oh, such things are all right as long as they are kept under the lock and key of our self-appointed priests and pastors in the jail of Holy Writ, but that's where they should stay.

I seem to recall Star Trek has done a couple of episodes based on this concept, where the more the Enterprise tries to extricate itself, the more stuck it is. And then there's the story of Brer Rabbit and the tar baby...


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