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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Hooray for Egypt !

  ! أنا مصري

Egypt has discarded the Islamist dictatorship-want-to-be and I rejoice in their freedom.

Many deep thinkers have condemned this flouting of democratic processes. I say whatever is best for Egypt is OK for Egypt, and that's where the matter ends.

In the Renaissance, Florence was was effectively ruled by Lorenzo the Magnificent, but he was careful to maintain the Republic's institutions, such as the Signoria. Lorenzo ruled by knowing what the people needed and by not imagining himself to be greater than the people of Florence.
It was not democracy, but it gave us a brief period of greatness such as the world rarely sees.

I consider the phrases "democratic processes" and "human rights" to be in large part scams devised during the Cold War to aid in our fight against Communism, Socialism, and pretty much everything we disagreed with in the political realm.
Our government is a representative democracy, not a direct democracy, such as actually existed in many places at different times. It is a form which the Founding Fathers thought best and most attainable for the new country of the 13 colonies, and it worked well, but there is no proof that it would work for all peoples at all times.
George Washington and the Founding Fathers did not urge us to send armies all over the globe to spread the gospel of representative democracy, and why such things should have become a large part of our foreign policy indicates that the original motivation was not freedom, but compulsion, as is so much of our policy regarding the world.

We certainly had no problem ignoring free elections in Palestine when Hamas was elected.

We do what we think is in our interests. So do the Egyptians.

Today, I am an Egyptian !


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