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Saturday, December 15, 2012


I refuse to "take part in a national discussion" about our horrifying need to shoot each other, because it is grounded in irrational delusions of the almost insane. I believe that our society is going quite mad. (and MAD... mutually assured destruction).

Here are the scenarios:

(1) It is the case that more weapons create more shootings. The Sheriffs and law enforcement agencies seem to think that more weapons leads to more violence, being on the front line as they are.
If this is the case, then we are following an insane and counter-productive ideology, and we have allowed it to rule our political minds for a long time,


(2) More weapons are a very important part of the mix to ensure our freedom and social well-being.
If this is the case, this assumes that our country has become so hostile to life itself (for example, we no longer shoot only criminals, but also feel the urge to kill school kids) that we are groping in the smog of an extremely toxic society.

Both possibilities condemn us for fools who have thrown away a precious inheritance and who are anything but admirable, and who should not be trusted to be a world leader.

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