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Monday, December 17, 2012

Sgt. Apone, Tough Love Principal of Regina High School

Sgt. Apone, Principal of Regina High School, Warren

I just finished listening to a news story on the ABC Detroit channel, wherein having armed teachers was discussed: it was seen as cheaper than having a policeman in every classroom.

So the guy sorta sez that if a teacher had laid down a burst of covering fire (the exact words are a little different), it may have distracted the guy, and then the lunchroom militia could have taken him out.

I like it when we take Fantasy for Reality.

I mean, we have already tried to turn reality into Ted Nugent's dreams, and it is not pretty so far. But what if we just take it and extend it into a reductio ad absurdum of having elementary school teachers act like the interstellar Colonial Marines in Aliens:

Using a Catholic Girls High School as an example,

Sister Mary Leanne, Principal, as  Sgt. Apone, leader of the Colonial Marine squad,

Mrs. M. Weinert, Advanced Placement English, as Pvt. Vasquez,

Mrs. C. Tarpley, Math, as Pvt. Hudson,

Mrs. S. Capizzo, Fine Arts, as Pvt. Hicks

Mr. Beveridge, Maintenance, as Pvt. Spunkmeyer


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