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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Meditation 12/06/2012

 Stars Being Born in Orion

Is God a necessary being?

The discussion misses the point. If there is necessity, that is the Holy.

Any Necessity that exists in creation is what we intuit as the Holy. God is not some quasi-entity who has many attributes, one of which is Necessity; Necessity is God: the inescapable. Yet it is not what we call death, for the Holy necessity is at the beginning as well as at the end, and It is present at every point along the way.
Death is the Sunderer of Delight, yet this concept is alien from the Holy, for the Holy is that which is at the beginning, it is that which is present at every step along the way, and it is that which is present at the end, and it is the Hope that transcends what we think of as the end of earthly delight.

The Holy creates, sustains, and wraps up the loose ends...,  Then it Recreates! Resurrection is not invigoration of the old and used up, but it is Newness found within the implicate folds of what we are used to see as old and dead, used up and ancient.

We are uniquely placed to look at the void, modern astonomy finding stars and galaxies filling more and more of what was as recently as 90 years ago thought to be endless void and abyss of cold. Yet, in the Depression of the Cold of Space, we now find the bright Suns of Glory filling and warming that one-time emptiness with Light and Creation of stars and planets and life!

And we have the spectacle of Senator Rubio of Florida afraid to make a clear statement on Science, enslaved as he is to the delusions of our recent past, where Science and the Holy are put at odds: the one against the other!
What is perceived as necessary in Science is the necessity of the Holy.
What is seen as everywhere in Science is the omnipresence of the Holy.
What you dimly sense awake in our world of diffuse concepts and logical found-art-objects is the sleeping and dreaming fire which burns as One intensely.

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