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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Michigan: Mitten to Boxing Glove

Michigan's Lower Peninsula

I do not know much about Right To Work laws, but it seems that in any workplace,  there are benefits: those which are due to union influence and those benefits which accrue to workers without any influence from the union.
Under Right To Work, the benefits - if any - which are due to union influence are open to all workers, whether they wish to remunerate the union or not.

In its essence, I, as a strict Libertarian, agree with the Logic of Right To Work, and I suggest my Right To Life law to be ramrodded through the Michigan legislature before the end of the year:

Even though the State of Michigan and its various subdivisions have provided many things for my use, some of which are extremely beneficial to me  - roads, sewers, and what not -  I believe that as long as I live in the State,  I alone should have the Right to determine whether I wish to pay taxes for those benefits.
I alone may choose whether to pay taxes for any services or benefits without any outside pressure from Government Bosses and their Toadies.

Therefore, State and City and County taxes should be by choice only.

This is my Right To Life law, and it is a freedom to exist within or alongside a group, and never having to pay any price for any benefits which may accrue to me for doing so.


On a more sober note, I cannot understand why Governor Snyder willingly tainted his administration with this acrimonious business. Everything in the State from now on will be a controversy; the well-known Michigan outline of a mitten is now a boxing glove.

If you recall, I said that there was something wrong with this guy and his Republican cohorts who began their depredations by raising taxes on the elderly.

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