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Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Flowers of Creation

Papaver Somniferum

There is inequity in the world: it is divided into the Haves and the Have-Nots, and this distinction extends to the availability of morphine to ease the pain of those dying of cancer.

Morphine: The Cheap, Effective Pain-Relief Drug Denied to Millions

In many ways, morphine is an excellent drug for use in developing countries. It is cheap, effective, and simple and easy to administer by mouth.
Yet according to the World Health Organization, every year more than five million people with cancer die in pain, without access to morphine.
"The fact that what stands between them and the relief of that pain is a drug that costs $2 [£1.25] a week, I think is just really unconscionable," says Meg O'Brien, head of The Global Access to Pain Relief Initiative, a non-profit organization that advocates for greater access to morphine.
O'Brien says in well-off countries, like the UK and United States, there is enough morphine to treat 100% of people in pain - but in low-income countries, it's just 8%
For today's meditation, ponder God's creation of the Poppy plant, and how it annuls the pain and suffering of Matter and restores Joy, that emotion immaterial, yet immensely strong and potent.

Our problem with drugs is a Social Distemper and a Economics.
There will always be people who abuse drugs. We have allowed too many people to be marginalized into despair and a sick boredom, and thus to seek relief in drugs. How do we change that?
Then, we allow consciousness changing things to become the playthings of markets; it matters nothing whether these markets are Legal or Illegal, white or black. The same economics of black and criminal markets which flood the urban areas of the poor in the cities of wealthy countries (Is there Irony here? The Poor areas of the Wealthy countries?!) are the same legal and proper economics that creates a drought in the poor countries!

Consciousness is our complex school that lasts our entire lives: it develops and grows and changes, and we must continually study and maintain our art of mastery. We cannot let it lapse into rigidity, impurity, and pain; those things are the denial of consciousness.
Pain points to the Void, not to the Fulfillment.

God did not create suffering. Yet, when it comes by the necessity of the laws of the Material World, God did provide sources of relief, even to the extent of establishing marijuana-like (cannabinoids) chemicals to be created within our bodies.
It is we who have allowed suffering to extend itself.

We are different from the prideful ones of Babel, for we do not seek to attain the heights of God; we seek to annul God and pray to our own "belief systems", laws, and political sciences.


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