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Friday, December 07, 2012

The New Ghost Dance and Fiscal Cliff

reprint from December, 2010 

From Wikipedia article on Ghost Dance:
(By the way, I contributed to the fund raiser at Wikipedia. Please support independent entities.)

Jack Wilson, the prophet formerly known as Wovoka, was believed to have a vision during a solar eclipse  on January 1, 1889...

Anthropologist James Mooney conducted an interview with Wilson in 1892... Wilson said he stood before God in heaven and had seen many of his ancestors engaged in their favorite pastimes. God showed Wilson a beautiful land filled with wild game and instructed him to return home to tell his people that they must love each other, not fight, and live in peace with the whites...  God said that if his people abided by these rules, they would be united with their friends and family in the other world.
In God's presence, there would be no sickness, disease, or old age. Wilson was given the Ghost Dance and commanded to take it back to his people. He preached that if the five-day dance was performed in the proper intervals, the performers would secure their happiness and hasten the reunion of the living and deceased...

While most followers of the Ghost Dance understood Wovoka's role as being that of a teacher of pacifism and peace, others did not.
... Scholars believe that in 1890 chief Kicking Bear introduced the concept to his people, the Lakota Sioux.
The Lakota interpretation drew from their traditional idea of a "renewed Earth" in which "all evil is washed away". This Lakota interpretation included the removal of all Anglo-Americans from their lands. In contrast, Wilson's version encouraged harmonious co-existence with European Americans.
 As we approach 2011, we will need a new version of The Ghost Dance. We are going to be cut down, just like the Sioux. When the fanatics in Congress attempt to balance budgets, they will attack the poorest and sickest and most defenseless first. Then they will come after those who are not Corporate entities and Large enough to withstand their onslaught.
The white men wish to destroy us, because we use up their precious resources.
They will preach austerity while denying themselves nothing.
There is no science of Economics. It is guess work. Their guesses will be proofed upon our bones!

ps. This does not even take into consideration the white terrorists, who are usually labeled "deranged loners" by the conservative right wing, who will shoot us!


December 7, 2012    I was not far from the mark. However, as far as prophecy goes, this is rather simple stuff.  If I could see the future, I would have known this was 1 month before the shooting of Congresswoman Gifford, and not even to mention the hundreds killed since then... Trayvon Martin, for instance.

It's too easy to predict violence.
Now to predict Peace... that takes some smarts.

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