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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Fantasy World Has A National Discussion On Guns

Some people say that it is time for a national discussion on guns. Even members of the NRA  say it is time. Isn't that great.

Too bad 20 children had to die before some people saw the light. Too bad those slow people were the ones who hold power. Too bad we had to go through that again. But apparently we need the sacrifice of children to knock us out of our fantasy world.

Too bad we had to have the financial system come to the edge of collapse before the government admitted anything was wrong.
Too bad we had to come to the verge of destruction in Iraq in 2006 before we realized Shock N' Awe did not work well.
Too bad we listen to people like Ted Nugent...

If the only way we learn is by mortal hard knocks, the next few years will be killers.

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