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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Where I Stand On Guns

I uphold the Second Amendment.
I do not think the Second Amendment need be construed to be imagined as allowing automatic assault weapons, a weapon type I believe should be strictly regulated.

The Second Amendment does not care if people who own guns take pleasure in automatic weapons, it does not care if they wish to collect such guns as a hobby. Some people actually state that they wish to collect such weapons, and the Second Amendment gives them that right.
That is nonsense.
There is no right conveyed to hobbyists and collectors; the need and support for a "militia" does not include any notion of  pleasurable pastime, nor is it reasonable to imagine such a right is granted.

I believe that the basic tenet of Conservatism is that all rights require some sort of limitation, else they transform into anarchy, and freedom transforms into limitless license.

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