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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Big Budget Plus of Republican Debt Plans.... Rx PDP

Raising the age of entry into a Health Care system is illogical, for most of the health insurance industry tends to like younger members for good reasons. So what happens to a system that chooses older and older members and systematically excludes the younger?  And remember this predilection for the geriatric is based on budget and politics, not on health care issues?

There is an enormous difference between a gap between the ages of 19 and 21 versus a gap between the ages of 65 and 67  -  and not just for health care but for anything, like sports and sex, for example. And I think any debt resolution that includes a raise in the age of Medicare eligibility will be self-defeating, in that it will tend to increase total costs.

Of course, if raising the eligibility age exacerbates health problems, leading to premature death and an overall decrease in the population of the elderly needing Medicare, that would be a Big Budget Plus  PDP   ( Pretty Damn Plush!) for those who have their own private health plans.

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