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Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Anomia is the inability to remember names, referring to a neurological problem which presents itself as an inability to remember names.
It was in the New York Times crossword last week, and I thought it oddly ironic that anomia should present itself now at a time when we have had a couple of winter storms that have not had names bestowed on them by the dimwitted media.

After having gotten used to such things as Winterstorm Thelma and Icestorm Louise, it gave one an uncanny feeling of deprivation and being absolutely mute not to have a handle upon which to hang one's pithy weather observations.
What I mean is, it was much more convivial to say something like, "This Thelma's a bitch!", rather than merely observing that it was cold, and having one's pal counter with, "Whatcha gonna do when winter starts?!"

We are nameless in the Gaza of Meteorology.

When the Climate really kicks in, we shall name names, and there will be accountability!


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