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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Deep Grammar Of Themes Of Destruction: One In The Chamber

The themes of stories that run through our society.

I was watching M. Night Shyamalan's  The Happening  as I was just resting before sleep. Some people read. I read or watch a film. Cinema to me is very much like books: a good film is to be watched again, just as a good book bears re-reading.

When you watch a film more than once, you begin to pick up things and become more aware of them than you did the first time around.

The wind plays an important role in The Happening. There is a toxin that drives humans to suicide: it is plant-manufactured and wind-borne.
The wind becomes a harbinger of death, and when we see the grass bend before the wind, we expect trouble to come.

I recall that I wrote about the wind being a character in Shyamalan's The Village,

The woods also played a large part in The Village, and it come into play in The Happening.
Nature protects itself in The Happening, and it protects an artificial throw-back society seeking to escape the troubles of the modern day in The Village.

Very obvious; I do not remember anyone talking much about it, but hardly anyone does the old "tolle lege" ("pick up and read" as the angel said to St. Augustine when he stumbled upon a Bible) with films. They are an entertainment, and critics review them as their job, and the box office revenues are reported on the news for some unknown reason.
I mean, there is no reason at all for box office receipts, unless the lazy media do not wish to hire critics and are using receipts as a surrogate.

I am interested in the recurring themes.

Think of the recurring theme of End Of Times, which has shown up forever: On The Beach to A Canticle For Leibowitz to Mad Max and to the present with films like Resident Evil or World War Z or I Am Legend.
(Not to mention Terminator !)

Whether machines revolt and call down nuclear destruction or we do it ourselves does not matter; it is all EOT, and how we achieve EOT are mere plot devices.

But what do we believe in ourselves??

Do we actually know that these things are merely stories?

I do not think so.
Otherwise, why are so many people going around with "one in the chamber"?

That lady who was shot in Idaho obviously had knowingly left one bullet in the chamber of her small, lightweight automatic with the sensitive trigger. She left it there because she knew...

she KNEW...

that if she were to reach into her purse and take the pistol from is place of concealment, it would take at least 1 second to bring it up fast and rack the chamber, and that 1 second would be enough for whomever she imagined to be holding her at gunpoint to re-act and shoot her first.

They are not "merely stories"

People are dying every day because of the deep themes with which we understand "the world".

All of those guns being carried around, all of those guns allowed into libraries, stores, art fairs...

how many have "ONE IN THE CHAMBER"?

"One in the chamber" to be able to gain that 1 second advantage over the coming End.


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