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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Politics Of The Imaginary Kind

Of course, I'm going to see Sni-Per !

I mean, I saw the previews and that dude is going to shot that bomb-toting kid, or his mama, or he's gonna waste both of them.

I knew right then I had to see it. I'm serious.

I think 70% of the audience goes to see that...
How could you miss it?
In the preview, they kept cutting back to the hospital room where the Sniper's own baby was, then back to Iraq, back to dad and kids... It promised to be good.

However, now the controversy may have ruined it. I don't want to comment on anything except the irony that the best sniper in history was shot by some guy on a shooting range. Irony needs to be noticed.

The controversy is a hubbub about a war we waged against some country that had nothing to do with Al Qa'ida, except in our imaginations.
We have spent too much time waging wars against non-Al-Qa'ida entities to face the possibility that it was a waste of precious life.
We have to make it good, if only in our imaginations.


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