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Sunday, January 04, 2015


Carter Burke of Weyland-Yutani Corporation

Prometheus - "forethought" - had a brother appropriately named Epimetheus - "afterthought" - who was a Monday morning quarterback type, who kvetched a lot about the best laid plans of mice, men, and his sib Prometheus going "aft aglay".

I was so dissatisfied with the film Prometheus, that I actually have watched it 3 more times after the initial optic disaster just to see if it was as ghastly as I seemed to get the impression that it was.
Each time it keeps coming back the same thumbs down.

Prometheus is not a sequel; it is a sequela, engendered by Alien Resurrection.
(look it up)

It has no function but to serve as a springboard to something better: Epimetheus !
My continuation of the saga !

We have gotten rid of Guy Pearce with his old man Return Of The Mummy make-up, and have instead the presence of the Carter Burke, the alte Kocker who now heads up Weyland-Yutani.
The still shot above comes from 8 minutes into the film, where he is showing the newest version of the Ripley Family Tree around a Wey-Yu facility on some asteroid,

"I really wanted some 1-on-1 time with you... uh, may I call you Ripley? Ripley 12.3? "
"Ha, a joke. Sorry. "
"Look, what we really need right now is a postmortem on the Prometheus project; you know, like a full run-down.... (waits silently).... Ummm, ya gotta any "asks"?"

Soon he takes her into the deeper interior spaces of the facility, wherein Wey-Yu has the original space derelict:

"You got that thing here ?! I spent 10 lives trying to destroy it! You're still trying to find a viable monster, aren't ya?!?!..."

Oops! I'm already slipping into the Ridley Scott vision and dialect.

You know, Ridley Scott has a new film out Exodus: Gods and Kings and there are complaints since there are no Arabs or Jews or Yezidi actors in it: no brown faces nurtured by the harsh sun of the Levant, as it were.
In this, however, he runs true to form, for he has never actually casts a xenomorph as the Alien character.


picture of Wey-Yu warehouse:
Neill Blomkamp

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