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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

First, Second, And Third Impressions

Seth McFarlane and Bill Maher

I never actually liked Bill Maher, and I counted it one of the random benefits of life that he was on a premium cable channel, and only available to the really important minds of the universe.
He was reserved to the "movers" and "shakers" of reality, and Montag the Obscure need not be troubled by the mind-boggling mix of politics, morality, religion, philosophy, satire, sarcasm and comedy.

I just noticed that Bill Maher has "Man in the Glass Booth" eyes!
Just draw some spectacles on the photo, and see whether he doesn't.
He looks as if he's waiting to go on trial in front of some vastly important tribunal.

I just read Michael Moore's (Yay, Flint, Michigan!) defense of Bill Maher  -   -  and it strikes me that the logic Mr. Moore uses leads to such conclusions as odd or as natural as the following:

"This Wounded Knee business proves that American Capitalism is genocidal, and it must be destroyed."

Although the premises are ghastly, the conclusion goes too far, as if the logical deduction can be forced to greater issue by the heinousness of the situation.

The only problem I have with people talking about "Islamist threats" is the demonstrated fact that all of our wealth and war effort will be expended on Non-Threats

such as:

1)  Iraq under Saddam Hussein  (non-Al Qa'ida),

2)  Afghanistan under the Taliban  (non-Al Qa'ida),

3)  Libya in 2011  (non-Al Qa'ida... but we had it in for Qaddafi, and Libya has been a mess ever since).

The only political will that exists in the USA is the will to settle petty grievances with blood and arms. The true dangers are shoved to the side and have been for a long, long time.


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