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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Gimme A Break !

I am watching Gimme Shelter again.

I am at the part where Hell's Angels are whacking the fans.

I am at the part where Mick Jagger strolls down and tries to spread light and understanding. I am at the part where that stinking little fascist is standing shoulder to shoulder with his hired bully boys and asking if everything is OK? Alright? OK?
At one point, some dunderhead says you need people like the Angels to keep order.
If that's the case, maybe you should change the nature of the concert experience, instead of hiring fascist goons to control the people.

"Why are we fighting? Why are we fighting?" says the Mick.

Basically, we are fighting because they planned security just like Tarantino wrote the script for Django Unchained: he sat down with some droogs, got wasted, and tossed out some ideas and came to a meeting of the minds.
I have no doubt that they did the same with some Hell's Angels, who were probably in control of a good part of the drug supply in Southern California at the time.

Gimme Shelter is our time's Bacchae  (by Euripides) , and the god Dionysos shows his power and uses our gullibility to make a canvas of blood.


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