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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Tennis Player Drinks Coffee !

She-who-must-etc. has the cathode ray gizmo on, and I can hear it in the background.

We have just sat through an excruciating documentary on rural poverty - as well as smoking, obesity, being off one's meds, visiting mom in prison,  and general inability to pick up after oneselves - from Public TV, and it was suitably depressing, as documentaries on poverty should be.

The Today Show then came on, Al Roker was in paroxyms over a cold weather front - there was going to be snow, snow, snow, in Buffalo, Buffalo! - and then a young lady started the top story for the day: one of the Williams sisters apparently was playing tennis, and she sipped some coffee from a cup at some point.

If she had been playing soccer, she would have gotten a Starbuck card from the referee.


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