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Monday, January 05, 2015

More Than A Pop-Up Book?

We create the scripts of life.
We are not isolated subjects observing some independent reality, but neither does each one of us create their own solipsistic world.

First, we negotiate with each other to create our world: what we want, how that infringes upon what others want, our needs, our economies, our beliefs - how do they all fit in with those of everyone else with whom we are in contact and negotiation with?

Second, the script itself is not a mute object. Once written or imagined, it takes on its own existence (like Sponge Bob Squarepants' Franken-Doodle, which - once sketched - grabbed the pencil and set off on a path of independence and anarchy!).
In a sense, now we negotiate and palaver with our own scriptings.

What is the function of our concept of God?
Do you use it as a paradigm of legality and justice? Is God the source of all forgiveness? Is God love?
Is our concept of God a mixture of these and more?

God is independent of our thoughts, but our thoughts of God are not independent of our thoughts!
God is not dependent upon our consciousness, by not so our consciousness of God!

Is there a great chain of similarity of being?
As God created us, and observes the complexity wrought by free human will, do we create our understanding of Life, and find that we have instilled an unforeseen complexity into our scripts of the way things are?

As it is, we usually deal with unforeseen complexity by building so many concepts with it and around it that we can no longer sense its vibrant heart.

Written words are pale imitations of life. That is why poets used to be supreme.

Then there came more and more ways of illustration, which provided more on the infinite detail of the living and breathing world.

Then came the films and movies which are even more filled with the details of life.

Is God a concept put within a one-dimensional book, or does God pop-up from the flat page and overwhelm us, our senses not being able to keep up with the sheer amount of information  -
God is that which cannot be grasped by any means...
Dogma is by definition false once it is propounded and written down.
God is that movie that flies off the scene and bids us follow...

and we ferverishly take notes and make Tweets and post to Instagram.......  !


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