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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bizarre Et Charlie... Et Un Imbécile En Train De Se Poser Des Questions

I do not think I have ever read Charlie Hebdo.
I suppose I shall now.

I assume it is a weekly magazine, "hebdo" being short for hebdomedaire, meaning "weekly". It is interesting how the Latin picked up the Greek, the Latin "septem" dropping the "s" and turning it into the rough breathing "h", and the breathed "p" becoming the sounded "b" and same thing for the "t" to "d".

Not that interesting, though.

I used to read Bizarre magazine, which was a humor and cartoon magazine published in France - not the Bizarre magazine published by Brits!

Bizarre est une revue littéraire et artistique fortement influencée par le surréalisme. Fondée par Michel Laclos, éditée par Éric Losfeld en 1953 puis reprise par Jean-Jacques Pauvert en 1955 après deux numéros, elle a publié 48 numéros de 1953 à 1968.

Bizarre is a literary and arts review heavily influenced by surrealism...

An example:

There are not many example on the Internet, and this one is not one I was familiar with.
The schoolboy being disciplined is writing "I must not kill little pals" on the chalkboard.
I used to find the old issues in the basement of Assumption College library, and I would go through them 'tween stacks.

Imbécile en train de se poser des questions...
(a drawing of fellow with an air of being in a philosophical mood sitting on the edge of a cliff, looking up at the full moon...)


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