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Monday, January 26, 2015

Continuous Transportation: Seeking The Equinoxes

Un État de Transport Continu
inspiré par le film Transperceneige

New Zealand's Farmers Call for Drought Declaration
26 January 2015

My blogger friend Knutty Knitter  ( )  sent word about the hot summer in New Zealand, so I started to read about heat and drought in 2013 to the present in New Zealand. The hottest June in NZ since records began being kept was in 2014.

I thought that as winters became more vicious and summer more devastating, we should be left with only the spring and autumn, and we would continuously cruise, seeking the equinoxes across the globe.

There are ominous parallels with the mediaeval notion of a Narrenschiff, or Ship of Fools, whose passengers sail on, heedless of their ultimate fate.
The US Congress has agreed that climate is changing, but cannot agree on causality.


 Ship of Fools Singing "Let Us All Be Happy!"  
( "Gaudeamus Omnes") under the 5 line musical staff )


1 comment:

knutty knitter said...

It's finally looking like we "might' get some showers here. If it rains on my birthday tomorrow I won't be complaining :)

Maybe my beans will survive!

From what I've read, Australia will be one of the worst hit by climate change. Not a nice prospect for some of my relations.