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Friday, January 02, 2015

The Baby And The Beretta part 1

Holmes was sitting in the armchair and looking out the window when I came in. I halloed, he grunted. I went for a cup of tea from the pot Mrs. Hudson had recently brought in... it was still hot.

As I sipped the tea, he spoke.

"What kind of gun, Watson, is used by a two-year old toddler to shoot his mater in the head?"

"Don't know, Holmes. I never really had to study such a thing."

He was standing now, but still intently gazing at the light aethering through the lace curtains.

"It was a gift, a present form the husband to his wife. She concealed it - or carried it in her purse, which purse was especially designed for a concealed weapon.
Therefore, the gun was probably light - a woman's gun, and not just a woman's gun, but a gift, a rare gift, a concealed weapon to be used when the rare occasion presented itself. Possibly engraved."

I sat listening.

"Light, small, easy to conceal, light trigger pull... an automatic weapon, Watson."

"Oh, undubitably." I said.

"An automatic weapon which was easy for the woman and - this is the important part - easy for the toddler to pull the trigger on. A two-year old; very, very easy trigger action."

"No doubt," I said, nibbling a cookie.

"The only problem is for the first round to be chambered, the slide had to be racked, and that can often be difficult for a lady, and probably impossible for a toddler..."

He looked at me with wild surmise.

"Watson! The slide had been racked already! That is the way the woman carried it. She found it somewhat difficult to chamber the first round, so she carried it already set to fire!"

I dropped my cup of tea, but did not seem to notice at all. He went on:
As Ronald Wilkes said, played by Isaiah Whitlock, Jr. in the film Cedar Rapids, 2011 - quoting from his favorite TV show, The Wire:

"  'I always keep one in the chamber!'  "

He paused.

"In the chamber, Watson, racked and ready in the chamber; ready to shoot at a moment's notice."


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