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Friday, January 09, 2015


My wife thinks my post The Baby And The Beretta to be in poor taste. She does not like me making light of a tragedy.

I thought about it.

I will change nothing.

First, I can either ignore the event or write about it. If I write about it, I can say things that have occurred to every sentient human being who has read about it, and then merely repeat what everyone has already experienced... which is sort of an elitist stance indicating my awareness is somehow more literary or writeable or better-linguistically-organized than yours.

It is as if the reader is too dense, and requires the words of the commentator to be able to perceive the story in all its ramifications.

I do not like that. The reason I try to keep things short is precisely that I know the reader is quite sharp, and does not require extensive tutoring to a state of awareness.

Second, my rage can only express itself this way.
Think of it: how angry am I?
I am angry enough that I will turn tragedy into farce and turn the entire world of feeling and emotions upside down to try and pierce the thick hide of those who imagine themselves entrapped in a web of weapons and violence.
I am angry that we cannot break out of our prisons ourselves, but need the exhaustion or death of war to be able to be free and fly away.

In a weapon society, our right to bear arms, our need to bear arms, our absolute free access to mortal violence trumps everything else.
And what about those who have led us to this place? What do we do with them? Those whose stories and imaginations and warnings have undermined our sense of integrity... what of them?
What do we do with the one-trick ponies who, having experienced suffering, portray the future as beyond our influence and darkly dismal and full of discord?



knutty knitter said...

The easiest way to stop feeling paranoid is to stop watching violence on mass media and start reading only the headlines and articles that actually have a place in your life and choose your dramas accordingly as well.

I gave up most of this stuff some years back and find I don't miss it at all.

I don't watch much 'reality' stuff either as it was mostly confrontations between people and I much prefer cooperation and community spirit. Consequently I might not know much about Kim Kardashian's backside size (which I gather has some media attention from other comments on other blogs) but I do know plenty about oil supply and the credit crunch and a whole lot of other things that do affect the way I live :)


Montag said...

Yes. I think more and more people are beginning to do this.

At least, I hope so.

I do not know much about KK's backside, other than it seems to have become another standard of measurement in popular parlance: as big as a grapefruit, as big as a beach ball, etc. etc. etc.