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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chemical Weapons

 Israeli Army's Use Of White Phosporus On Civilian Targets

While some UN observers point to chemical use by the Syrian rebels, and we ignore it because it does not fit our pre-arranged narrative, and the US Congress considers lack of evidence that the Syrian army used such weapons to actually be the evidence required, in Tikum Olam we read more about chemical weaponry in the Middle East:

IDF Agrees to Forego Use of White Phosphorus…Sorta
by Richard Silverstein on May 13, 2013 · 0 comments
IDF rains white phosphorus indiscriminately on civilian targets

Yesh Din and other Israeli human rights NGOs sued the IDF over its use of white phosphorus during Operation Cast Lead and in similar conflicts. It is deemed by many as a chemical weapon, especially when used as the IDF does. It is not allowed to be used in or near civilian populations, which is precisely how Israel uses it. It also dropped the napalm-like substance directly on civilians targets causing grievous injuries. Scores of Gazans died or were maimed by the toxic, highly flammable material during the 2009 war. The only time it’s legal to use it in combat is to provide smokescreen cover for combat operations. While the IDF maintains that was what it did, the evidence in the form of civilian casualties refutes that...


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