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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

In Case You Missed It

 BBC photo

And are among the privileged few who still believe that the Iraq War was right, Saddam has WDMs, and our wars make the world a better and better place, the BBC has some srticles on the main liars who the Intelligence agencies listened to in order to deceive themselves and us.

Iraq: The spies who fooled the world
Peter Taylor By Peter Taylor BBC News
The most notorious spy who fooled the world was the Iraqi defector, Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi.
His fabrications and lies were a crucial part of the intelligence used to justify one of the most divisive wars in recent history. And they contributed to one of the biggest intelligence failures in living memory.
He became known as Curveball, the codename given to him by US intelligence that turned out to be all too appropriate.

Mr Janabi arrived as an Iraqi asylum seeker at a German refugee centre in 1999 and said he was a chemical engineer, thus attracting the attention of the German intelligence service, the BND.
He told them he had seen mobile biological laboratories mounted on trucks to evade detection.
The Germans had doubts about Mr Janabi which they shared with the Americans and the British.MI6 had doubts too, which they expressed in a secret cable to the CIA: "Elements of [his] behaviour strike us as typical of individuals we would normally assess as fabricators [but we are] inclined to believe that a significant part of [Curveball's] reporting is true."
The British decided to stick with Curveball, as did the Americans.
He later admitted being a fabricator and liar.

When someone makes mistakes of this magnitude, it never hurts to review it.

In fact, we should build Neo-Con Iraq War Musuems, as well as the memorials I used to dream up, so the future generations never forget this time of violence and stupidity we are part of.


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