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Friday, May 10, 2013

Paradox of Guns

I am in a quandary about guns and the Second Amendment.

I am opposed to violence and the weaponized society we live in, yet I have a streak of Libertarian in me, and do not trust the Government...

I trust well trained people who run and administer Medicare and Social Security and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and ever so many other agencies upon which we depend; those people are competent and very helpful.

I do not trust the current politicians and the "elites", as Clarence Thomas, who is a menial Supreme Court Justice... hardly worth calling him "elite"... calls them.

The elite has no conscience and no attachment.

They are - if you know your Ancient Greek - as changeable as Alcibiades, and not to be trusted. We are in the time when cunning men and women look to what they think is their own best interest, and the devil take the hindermost.

Our leaders have M.B.A.s in feathering their nests, and in breaking your backs.


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