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Friday, May 10, 2013

Ed Barnes, Geopractor

He used to be known as a Fourth Degree Dowser, or a Conny Wabbler to those not given to such honorifics, like the Amish among whom he lives (he may be an Anabaptist, but he is not Amish as far as I can tell), or a Geomancer to the scholarly community. I had writ a piece on him as a Chiropractor of Earth. Ed has been thinking about it ever since.

Well, since today we learn that for the first time in recorded history that carbon dioxide has passed 400 parts per million, it all came together for Ed, and he heard the clarion call to arms.

"Times a-wastin'!"he said on the phone.
"Man-made carbon dioxide is like a cathartic in the  bowels of the Earth", he said, using an unfortunate image I thought.
"You mean it will "purifying" thing?" I asked, parading my Greek again, as I do at all times.
"I mean that there'll be a purge, and ya best be clear of the area of splatter !" he said, and most picturesquely too, I might add. "It'll be splatteracious!"

"I decided people should call me - and folks like me - Geopractors." he continued.

I told him I liked the name.

"Catch ya later!" he said, and rang off.


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