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Friday, May 31, 2013

Experiments With The Good

Ignatius Loyola

We live in a great time of Science.
We also live in a great poverty of moral goodness.

Take a page from science: conduct long experiments on being good. Then review the results. Get other people involved and purify the group morality of our age.

This does not involve reading; this involves living the moral goodness that is within us.
Fast, be humble, turn the other cheek.
Experiment with the ways of being good instead of setting things like "Turn the other cheek" up as some sort of paradigm, then ignoring it in practice.

See what happens. Discuss. Meditate.

Drop every notion that does not apply to godliness from your mind: all political views, all reasons for doing things, all excuses and alibis, all dislikes and hatreds. See what happens.

It  is time for Goodness. I am going to set at least one day of each year as a day of fast and moral experiment and meditation (remember that meditation is not "mulling over").
All this has been attempted in the past, however. I think of the Practices of St. Ignatius Loyola as more of a "experimental" regimen of the spirit, rather than the usual and customary description of "spiritual exercises".

So let's update the spiritual exercises and attain the progress that has been made in material regimes!


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