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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Theft Of America

I just received this email:

I saw an interesting documentary called “ Heist-Who Stole The American Dream”. (2012)
It uses as it’s focus a 1971 Memorandum on free enterprise for the Chamber of Commerce written by Lewis Powell Jr.,(who later sat on the Supreme Court). The Powell Memorandum calls for increased corporate lobbying as well as the seizure of influence over all media outlets. The program also examines Heritage Foundation's Mandate for Leadership.
The Mandate for Leadership advocates tax breaks for the top few percent, the dissolution of unions, and the use of off shore workers. And it shows how these two documents have been a blueprint for the dismantling of the New Deal for the past 40 years. It doesn’t let Clinton (or Obama) off either, saying they are just as guilty as the Republicans .
The documents argue strenuously how control of the media must be obtained, no matter what the cost, and the program illustrates how media concentration has been whittled from 22 conglomerates in the 80’s to just 6 currently.

The day after I saw this, the Koch Brothers announced their interest in buying the Tribune Corporation. Over half the Los Angles Times staffers have said they will quit if the deal goes through.

I am going to accept this at face value and provide the link to the Powell Memorandum. It seems to delineate what's been going on the last 30 years. The link is below:


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