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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Fighting Back

I made a stand against the prevailing common sense of guns, the wisdom of weaponry that pervades our culture.

Yesterday I was talking with someone who went down the old street of "Guns do not kill people; people kill people."
This is not a Second Amendment argument, so anything in religion, philosophy, and ethics can be argued about in this type of discussion. Second Amendment arguments are based solely on that old devil amendment itself.

So I said I disagreed.
First, I digressed into the world of Amish quarrels, where:

(1) there is actual forgiveness for violence, such as after the shooting at Nickel Mines, when a number of Amish schoolchildren were shot in school, and

(2) vendetta takes the form of aggressive beard-trimming, as in the recent trial of Amish of Ohio for violent shave-and-a-hair-cut.

Second, I asked whether atomic bombs killed people, or was it still a case of "people killing people"?
When the answer "yes" came back after a bit of thought, I said that in that case, Iran should be able to have all the atomic weaponry it wishes... or are we opposed to Iranian people, instead of Iranian atomic bombs?

This left everything fuzzy, which is pretty much OK with me, because hitherto, the forum has been monopolized by the gun radicals.

There will be time for rational agreements and negotiation after the Gun Radicals have been defeated.


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