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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lord Buddha's Regrets

I have the deepest respect for the Lord Buddha.

However, Buddhists have had a free ride in our society. Most people think that all Buddhists are nice, meditative, and good fellows. Many of our atheistic members have laid aside their antipathy to religion and God-fearing types, and allowed themselves the pleasures of Zen knowledge and meditation...

Well, the "happy" Buddhists of Myanmar are rioting..

Al Jazeera:
Religious violence erupts in Myanmar
Curfew declared in town in Shan state following destruction of Muslim orphanage and mosque in latest outbreak of unrest.
..."A mosque and a religious school and some houses were destroyed by the mob, but there were no deaths or injuries".
Al Jazeera's Wayne Hay, reporting from Yangon, said the situation in Lashio had already been brought under control by police.
He said he had received reports that some officials in Lashio, including the fire department, "did very little" to stop the Buddhist mob from attacking Muslim establishments.
Myanmar's recent sectarian violence has been partly blamed on the 969 movement, launched in February by an extremist monk in Mandalay named Wirathu, who encourages Buddhists to shun Muslim-owned shops.
There are less than 2,000 Myanmar Muslims living in Lashio, sources said, of the city's estimated population of about 130,000...
and so it goes, Kurt Vonnegut observes, so it goes.


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