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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The President's Praetorian Guard

The US President, now and future, has their own Praetorian Guard: a military force which may immediately respond to his commands. The Praetorians are the Drones.

Just as Tiberius and Caligula and Nero were able to conceive and execute an event of violence and compulsion using their own military force, so may the US President, or whoever in the future is given the power to control drones.

Before the Praetorian drones, elements of the Army and the Navy had to be assembled, plans had to be drawn up and orders given, and these steps required many middle men to put into action.

Drones need fewer intermediaries, and they can be dispatched quickly.

The drones will be irresistible temptation to use for oppression.


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