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Friday, May 10, 2013

Ade Ileke 52

Fats Waller

Where's That Jazz?

what is the jazz of the written word?
the poetry,
the confabulation,
the corrugated language roller-coaster
in the areas of my brain;
where is the jazz?

where is the tongue of jazz?
the taste,
the silver spit
of my pavlovian laboratory dog desire
in the areas of my mouth;
where is that jazz?

where's the genius of jazz;
of the genital?
the intemperate,
the ancient yet modern lingua franca
of the orient seaports...
where's that savvy horn?

where is desire's fermentation?
the wine of jazz?
the intoxicating
drink of that undiscovered seashore
with messages in bottles...
where's that jazz?


I shall  call this "Ade Ileke  52",

You wonder why is this Ade Ileke? I hear Shakee saying it very clearly!
And Ben Alli, too! Ha!
And our Grandmother... there is no nonsense there! ...

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